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What's your next step?

Adding your boss personality to the look and feel of your emails.

Plain text emails work but are they you? If you use an email service provider like Convertkit, you have to learn code to make pretty emails - who has time for that? Skip the studying and head straight to gorgeous, branded emails ready to wow your audience.

You want gorgeous, personality filled emails

Introducing yourself to your list.

When someone first joins your list you have to hold onto their attention while you have it. The Welcome Sequence is the place to explain who you are and how what you do helps them. This product gives you the framework of what emails to create and exactly what to put in them. (Pre-order for October).

You want to make a good first impression

Building a relationship with your list.

What are you supposed to write to your email list every week? This is the question that plagues 99% of reluctant email list starters. You don't have to be one of those anymore. These newsletter templates give you 12 ready to write about topics + tips to get it done.

You want to talk to your people

All of the above (+ help getting it done)

This templates are really great ... if you use them. Join the coworking sessions where we focus on implementing the tools from the Creative Funnels Shop.

You want to get stuff done

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